Staff Guidelines


These are the official Robblestone Staff guidelines.  All of our staff members are required to follow these. If you believe a staff member is violating any of these terms, you can report it annonymously to Halo's Direct Messages. You can also ask to talk to one person in a ticket, please do not ping any of our staff members  in tickets, and just wait for us to respond.


Staff Members are required to be active, they must be on atleast 6-8hrs a week, and join once every other day if they want to keep there role. If a staff member cannot be active for a bit they can direct message me or ping me in our staff chat center. They also must be helpful in tickets actively. Our staff system in the past has been very overwhelmed by tickets, as half of them never helped with them. A staff member can get 1 warning over this every 2 weeks before further punishment.


Abusing for anyone is completely prohibited, abusing contains giving out items/advantages to specific people, themselves, or everyone, looking another way for a player who is clearly breaking rules, breaking our current rules for the server. Using commands on purpose that would cause lag on the server. Or purposely interfering with players that are not wanting to be messed with. They can have fun with their friends and mess around with them as long as it wont affect their gameplay, give them a advantage, or affect everyone online. Seriously abusing will get a staff member instantly demoted and kicked off our staff team, this is not something we mess around with.


Staff are asked to be mature, and not be messing around 24/7, they can mess around, but must be mature more than messing around. They need to be respectful to all players, and not flip out at them for annoying situations.

Knowing Info

The staff team needs to know everything about the rules, and a decent understanding about how the game mode runs, and how to do basic Minecraft commands and staff commands. before allowing anything that could be a loophole to the rules contacting a higher staff member.

Leaking Info

Staff cannot leak private info, new info on the server, private staff chats, or tickets to the public unless said otherwise.

Other Info

Staff need to be in vanish when teleporting to players.

Promotional System:
Staff who show maturity, respect, and progress will be promoted to higher ranks over time, there is a minimum time per rank though before a staff member can be promoted..

Helper - 1 Week

Trial Admin - 1 Week

Admin - 4 Weeks

Sr. Admin - 4 Weeks

Promotions will happen regularly
Striking System:
1 Strike - Warning

2 Strikes - 24 Hour Suspension

3 Strikes - Demotion to a lower rank

4 strikes - Removal from staff team

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