Skyblock Rules

Skyblock Rules and Punishments


These are the official Robblestone Skyblock rules. We may reserve the right to update this at any moment, and once we do we will announce it in game and on our discord. Not knowing the rules, or not knowing the rules have been updated will not be a valid excuse out of a punishment. If you have any questions open a support ticket on our discord.

When you report a player or staff please provide clear and conclusive evidence, these include but are not limited to, photos, screenshots, video clips, faction logs, and chat logs. Please be respectful with our staff and be patient with our staff, we are a small support team trying to do bigger things, we may take a while to respond. The average wait time during the day is 30 minutes, and at night 120 minutes. These may be longer or shorter; it depends on the time zone as well.

Please know that we may ask you to broadcast your screen at any moment, this is not to find out where you are but to confirm a suspicion we may have over you. We also reserve the right to teleport to you at any time during the day, this will not be to leak your cords or any thing, but to check up on the community, we majorly do this in vanish so you may not see us.

Cheating And Glitching

Cheating, glitching, abusing bugs, or using external clients/devices to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed, and can result in up to a Permanent ban depending on the severity of the situation. A list of unfair mods is described below
Offense 1: 14 Days
Offense 2: Perm Ban


Duping is 100% not permitted in any way shape or form. This will be a harsh ban from the entire network.
Offense 1: 60 Days
Offense 2: Perm Ban

Doing trades for IRL Currency such as (PayPal, Website, Cash APP, Gift Cards, or Venmo) is prohibited and will lead to a punishment. This is due to security reasons, and to prevent legal issues in the future. If you do this even though it is against the Server's Terms the seller's account will be banned and possibly seek out by legal teams. If you do buy something from these so on so "black markets" it is 100% against Minecraft's TOS, our TOS, and Rules, and we provide no Seller Protection.

Island Naming/Limits

Islands may have toxic names, but they have to be appropriately named, no racism/sexism/homophobia/slurs/hate speech will be tolerated. There is a 10 player island limit on the server, please do not go larger than that. Any faction who does not follow this will be instantly told to rename or follow the limits and receive a punishment
Offense 1: Warning
Offense 2: 3 Day Ban


You are 100% NOT allowed to Raid/Steal on Robblestone Skyblock, we will take this very seriously and possibly ban you for up to 30 days!
Offense 1: 10 Days
Offense 2: 30 Days

PvP Locations
You may not pvp at any non pvp location, such as at Public islands, spawn, or other locations, if your island have PvP enabled you may fight there. Please keep pvp at the Warzone

Chat Rules
You can be a tiny bit toxic on Robblestone Skyblock, but be careful on what exactly you say. Racism, Sexsism, Homophobia, or other Hate Speech are Prohibited on the server. You also may not Spam the chat, Self advertise, Talk about other skyblock servers, Trash talk new players asking for help, or use too much profanity (a little is a ok!).

Leaving Combat

On Robblestone Skyblock, leaving combat is a weak and unskilled move, so we put limitations on what you can leave combat for and how you can leave combat. You cannot leave the game, spam pearl away, use claims to fly away, or elytra/trident away in combat. You may also not claim land, or use claimed land by hiding in it to get away from a fight. We allow leaving fights with a elytra's/trident when it becomes a super unfair fight such as a 3v1. So you can leave a fight when its a 3v1 up but you still not use claims.

Common Sense
Please use common sense, some rules are not listed above, and may still get you punished, the admins have the final say on punishments and only the Manager, Head Admin, or Owner can revoke a punishment after it has been made. Please do not try to find loopholes in these rules if there is any and you use it, you will still be subject to punishment. When you play Robblestone Skyblock you agree to these rules and terms.

Unfair Modifications
Hack Clients

Auto Clickers

Inventory Viewers

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