Faction Rules


These are the official Robblestone Faction rules. We may reserve the right to update this at any moment, and once we do we will announce it on our discord. Not knowing the rules, or not knowing the rules have been updated will not be a valid excuse for a punishment. If you have any questions open a support ticket on our discord.

When you report a player or staff please provide clear and conclusive evidence, these include but are not limited to, photos, screenshots, video clips, faction logs, and chat logs. Please be respectful with our staff and patient with our staff, we are a small support team trying to do bigger things, and we may take a while to respond. The average wait time during the day is 30 minutes and at night 120 minutes. These may be longer or shorter; it depends on the time zone as well.

Please know that we may ask you to broadcast your screen at any moment, this is not to find out where you are but to confirm a suspicion, we may have over you. We also reserve the right to teleport to you at any time during the day, this will not be to leak your cords or anything, but to check up on the community, we majorly do this in vanish so you may not see us. You do not need to screen share if you play on Consoles

Payout Info

By accepting the payouts on the network you will need to agree to the following terms of use and service. You may not take any legal action against any Robblestone Staff Member, or the Owners and Managers. You also accept that you can be disqualified from the payout at any time with adjusted reasoning. When applying for PayPal payouts you will need to understand that the Payouts are in United States Dollars and are converted to your currency, 100 Dollars in USD is different from 100 Quid in British Currency. When trying to get Paypal payouts the money will go to the Faction owner and be managed by the owner of the faction, we are not responsible for the money after it has been properly sent to the faction owner, and proof of the transaction will be posted into our discord server to prove that we have sent the money over properly. If you do not have PayPal you will receive donation credit on the servers

Faction Striking

Our faction striking is punishment wise, every 1-3 punishments you will be given a strike, this will depend on the severity of the situation and the number of warnings you receive. Faction value is deducted by the percentage of the strike at the end of the map.

Strike 1: 10% Faction Value Deduction

Strike 2: 25% Faction Value Deduction

Strike 3: 50% Faction Value Deduction

Strike 4: 75% Faction Value Deduction

Strike 5: DQ’d From Payouts

If you believe a strike is unjust by any means, you can contact the Head of Management or the Head of Administration for help. 

Cheating And Glitching

Cheating, glitching, abusing bugs, or using external clients/devices to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed, and can result in up to a Permanent ban depending on the severity of the situation. A list of unfair mods is described below.

Offense 1: 14-Day Ban

Offense 2: Permanent Ban


Raiding, stealing items, entering bases, interfering with bases being built, overclaiming, claiming within their buffer, setting homes in others bases, claiming unclaimed bases, leaking coordinates to bases, and anything else that would interfere with a base being built during grace is prohibited.

Offense 1: 1 Day Ban

Offense 2: 3 Day Ban + Strike

IRL Trading

Doing trades for IRL Currency such as (PayPal, Website, Cash APP, Gift Cards, or Venmo) is prohibited and will lead to a punishment. This is due to security reasons, and to prevent legal issues in the future. If you do this even though it is against the Server's Terms the seller's account will be banned and possibly seek out by legal teams. If you do buy something from these so on so "black markets" it is 100% against Minecraft's TOS, our TOS, and Rules, and we provide no Seller Protection.

Offense 1: 3 to 14-Day Ban

Leaving Combat

You may not combat log while you are combat tagged, teleporting away with commands, leaving the game, and more are counted as combat logging. (THIS ONLY PERTAINS TO BEING COMBAT TAGGED. YOU CAN TP OUT WHEN OUT OF COMBAT TAG)

Offense 1-3: Killed

Offense 4+: 1 Day Ban

Chat Rules

You may be toxic in chat, but homophobia, sexism, and racism are strictly prohibited. You cannot spam messages in chat, sending 3+ messages saying the same thing can be counted as spam. Profanity is allowed, but keep it limited please. Advertising other servers and talking about other servers is not allowed.

Offense 1: 2 hour mute

Offense 2: 6 hour mute

Faction Limits and Naming

Factions must be named appropriately and follow the chat rules. Factions cannot have more than 8 people in a team. You can only have 1 alliance between other factions. You can have unlimited enemies.

Offense 1: WARNING

Offense 2: Strike

Home Rules

Setting a home in a base that has been insided/raided unfairly is not allowed. If a base has been made at your home, do not raid it and open a support ticket so we can resolve the issue. You also may not log out an account in someone's base.

Offense 1: 1 Strike

Offense 2: 2 Strikes

Base Building

Bases can only be a 20 chunk buffer (where walls can go) the primary inside can not be bigger than 4x4 chunks. The only blocks that can be used to build walls or inside floors are sand, cobblestone, obsidian, water, and lava. No more than 35 sand walls can be used on each side of a base. "Regen Walls" are not permitted on a base. You cannot water log any value inside of your base, or put water around any value/chests (Meaning water cannot be touching your spawners or chests).

Offense 1: Warning

Offense 2: Strike

Multiple Bases

You can have multiple bases (max of 5). Majority of them must be used for farms, only 3 of the bases you have can be used for spawners to be placed down and/or farmed for value.

Offense 1: Warning

Offense 2: Strike


You must wait 15 minutes after the last tnt shot to gen patch. You also must wait 30 minutes after the last tnt shot to pick up any value. If you destroy the raiders cannon you MUST still wait the time.

Offense 1: Strike

Offense 2: 1 day ban + Strike

Small Boxes

Using small boxes to hide value, with/without water surrounding it is not permitted (Every box in your base must be a minimum of 9x9x5 in size)

Offense 1: Warning + Value to raider

Offense 2: Strike

Corner Claims

You must build a base in a corner claim, a base must be built within 1 day of the claim being down.

Offense 1: Removal of claim

Offense 2: Strike

Hiding Value

Taking value during a raid is not permitted, you must wait 30 minutes after a raid to move value, hiding spawners/major ftop value in a chest/ender chest/vault/faction vault, is not allowed. Moving bases must have the value moved quickly within 60 minutes of the value being removed from one base to be moved to another. You cannot constantly move bases, once every 3 days unless permission is granted by an admin. 

Offense 1: Strike

Offense 2: 1 Day Ban + Strike

Unclaimed Bases

Farms are allowed to be unclaimed, but keeping major value such as multiple god sets, ftop value, and more is not allowed.

Offense 1: Warning

Offense 2: Strike

Joining Factions

By Joining a faction, you are willing to give the ownership of the value you place down such as, spawners, kits, and more will be transferred to the faction leader unless admin overrides, you cannot pick up the value you place down if you leave the faction. This does not mean the faction owner can take all the value and dip, or trash all the value, they can only take around 50% and can take more if it is worked out in a ticket.

Offense 1: 1-Day Ban + Value Return


You cannot raid a faction after you leave or are kicked. You cannot take value from the faction, teleport others into the base, or leak the cords to the base. You must unset any homes on any account that you have at the bases. You can also not raid/take value from a insided faction.

Offense 1: 3-Day Ban + Strike

Offense 2: 7-Day Ban


You may 100% raid bases on the server, but the way you raid might be not allowed, you may build cannons, and break into bases, but you may not use withers to break in, get teleported into the base by someone who is insided, or is on the team, or glitch into the base. You cannot use cannons when you have a factions shield activated. No using the nether to raid/enter bases unless a portal is already built in the base. No multi Cannon Raiding, such as building two cannons to raid a base, even if one is not shooting. No building a cannon to raid a base while another team is raiding. No glitching through a border to raid someone.

Offense 1: Strike + Possible 1-day ban depending on severity

Offense 2: 1 Week Ban/Strike


You cannot cannon through a roof/floor. Cannons cannot be left shooters. You cannot corner cannon a base (This is a cannon that shoots diagonally) . You cannot build a cannon on the side of walls. Cannons can only break 1 wall every 4 seconds. You cannot make a cannon that is constantly on a loop. No raiding through a water covered wall or the watered/ unwatered top/outside roof and bottom/outside floor of a base with a creeper egg.

Offense 1: Strike

Offense 2: 1-Day Ban

Cannon Boxes

You cannot make a cannon box out of materials that cannot be cannoned. You must follow all rules about bases like if it was a base.

Offense 1: Warning + POSSIBLE STRIKE

Offense 2: Strike + 1 day ban

Counter Cannons/Raiding Cannon Boxes

You cannot shoot into a cannon through a cobweb, you cannot swim into a cannon through a cobweb, you cannot ender pearl through a cobweb, you cannot creeper egg through a cobweb. You cannot raid a cannon box through a roof or floor, and cannot creeper egg a WATERED wall.

Offense 1: 1 strike + 1 day ban

Offense 2: 2 Strikes + 3 day ban

Faction Merging/Splitting

You cannot merge a faction in the last week of the map being active. You can merge at any other time. Please split up the value between your team if you are splitting the team, or if the owner leaves the team. (Owner should get around 50%)

Offense 1: Strike

Unfair/Prohibited Clients

Radar (ENTITIES/PLAYERS), Esp (through walls), xray, minimaps, tracer, freecam, hack clients, armor viewer (others), inventory viewer (others), vclip/hclip, client fly boosts (max 2x), macros, autoclickers, and more. Any other unfair texture pack/mod.
These will have different punishments.

Rules are subject to common sense, do not abuse loopholes, or obvious things that should be in the rules that are not in the rules.

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